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Bug-out to the Beach with Life's Rad!

The weather is getting warmer and the sun is out longer - perfect weekend and vacation weather! Sadly, most of us don’t have summer breaks anymore and the weekends can feel short and far apart. Having a bug-out bag handy is great when you just need to break away and recoup! Whether you’ve had a long day at work, you’ve been pent up inside for too long, or have the spontaneous urge to stick your toes in the sand, having a bug-out bag ready can be a lifesaver! It has all your essentials packed and ready to go in one convenient place; just throw it in the back of your car and you’ll always be beach-ready. Read on to hear what...

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Life's Rad When You're Doing these Fab Memorial Day Activities in San Diego!

We're heading into Memorial Day weekend... summer is just on the horizon... and your plans are... what? Still struggling to decide what you are going to do with your extra day this weekend? The Life's Rad team completely understands, and that's why we've rounded up 5 of our favorite San Diego activities to take you into Memorial Day! Read on for our top suggestions going into this weekend!

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