The Surf Movement | Part One

Isn’t is crazy to think about how we’re living through history as we speak? There’s a lot going on in the world, but let’s talk about the world of Surf and the movement we’re living through. The Surf Movement.

Life's Rad

Life's Rad is based out of San Diego, California and San Diego just so happens to be our country’s mecca of surfing and people from all around the world come to enjoy our beaches and shred the coastal waves.

That realization really came to a head when surfing was declared as the official state sport of California by Governor Brown this year! We couldn’t believe that the sport we know and love and have grown up with had received such an honorable piece of California’s persona. The cherry on top of this declaration was the creation of a new California holiday every year moving forward on September 20th - “California Surfing Day”.

We’ll take any day and holiday to grab our board and hit the waves, but to have a special day dedicated to it just made it that much better for us. We’re sharing the passion of surf with our entire state!

The Surf Movement doesn’t stop there.

Read about another huge announcement that was made this year in the world of surf in next blog post: "The Surf Movement | Part Two".

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